June Playlist Rewind

June has got to be one of the craziest months out there. You’re so close to being finished school, yet it seems like you have an endless schedule of studying for final exams. It’s times like these when I find myself plugging in my headphones to get lost in my music for just a little while. One thing about me is that I LOVE music. I am that person who always needs music on no matter what they’re doing. I get this from my mom, who can be found singing along to all different kinds of music in the shower. The wide range of genres is also another thing I have seem to have inherited from my mother. My music tastes include everything from punk rock to mainstream pop. Without further ado, these are the top ten songs that helped me get through June.

This one never fails to lift my mood. I first stumbled across this song a few years ago when I was obsessed with the band 5 Seconds of Summer. I had just heard their cover of I Miss You by Blink 182, and decided that I just had to check out more songs by them. After endless hours of listening to Blink 182 songs on Spotify, this song made its way into my playlist. I love that it’s emo enough to make you feel all rebellious and scream-y, but it also has a catchy beat that just makes you want to dance and roll down your windows.

2. Cowboy in LA -LANY

Palm trees, square dancing under the moon. The amount of emotions that first verse of this song makes me feel is insane. Palm trees give you a taste for the summer looming so close, and square dancing under the moon makes you daydream about the possibilities summer holds. In my world, this is the perfect getaway song. The mellow tune, lazy voice, and poetic lyrics is the trifecta that makes all of LANY‘s songs so damn good. Whenever I listen to this song, I always see myself driving along at night in California with my hair flying out behind me. *Sighs*. For now though, I will be in Calgary trying not to freeze to death in the backseat of the car.

3. Distance -Ruel

Thank you (although not really) to my sister for making me like Ruel. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ruel because he seemed like one of those newbie pop artists trying to look “cool”. And mind you, I very much dislike newbie pop music (you know, the ones sung by fourteen year old “influencers”?). However, I will admit that after listening to my sister blast his music at all times of the day, I found that not all his songs were that bad. This particular one has a special place in my heart. I can really relate to the lyrics, as someone who struggles with expressing their feelings out loud. It also connects with the time we’re living in right now, with not being able to hug anyone due to safety precautions. However, it has a really catchy tune that leaves you feeling optimistic and happy afterwards. It’s a strange mix, but trust me when I say that it works.

4. Betty -Taylor Swift

I must make it clear that it is the LIVE version on my playlist. Taylor Swift‘s voice is just too good to listen to the studio version. I seem to have never grown out of my childhood T-Swift phase. But what can I say? This girl knows how to make music. Betty is one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs because of its lyrics. It tells a story that many people have or will experience. The experience itself can be painful, but the melody and way that Taylor sings it makes it seem so beautiful. I also love how kind of naive it is. I’ve had it on repeat for this past month, and it still gives me butterflies every time I listen to it. You know it’s good when it never gets old.

5. Ghost of You -5 Seconds of Summer

Ah, dear old Ghost of You. Another favourite that has lasted me a long time. It’s my favourite of 5SOS‘s Youngblood album, which also happens to be their best album in my opinion. This song is so pretty and aesthetic- the lyrics are so poetic. I happen to be a sucker for tragic love songs. You can only get the full Ghost of You experience when it rains- all the feelings will just come tumbling out. This particular June has been really rainy here where I’m living, so this song has made its way into the top ten.

6. Mikrokosmos -BTS

*Queue the falling stars*. This song’s actual Korean name is Sowoozoo, which translates to small universe. Whenever BTS performs this song live, they always have the prettiest stage full of sparkling stars. It’s usually sung at the end of their concert, and many people say that the song is dedicated to their fans. If I ever get the chance to see this song performed live, I will literally cry. This song is so pretty and makes me lost in my feelings. When I say a song is pretty, I mean that it’s twinkly and soft and romantic. The lyrics are mostly Korean, and I really enjoy seeing how different languages have their own unique way of delivering a message. I actually recently discovered this song (in fact I very much disliked BTS even just a month ago- another lesson to me that you have to try things before forming an opinion), and since then I cannot get it out of my head. It’s the perfect song to fall asleep to, especially the shine, dream, smile, and let us light up the night part.

7. Somewhere Only We Know -Keane

The title of this song just says it all. The song itself talks about a place so familiar, somewhere you know like the back of your hand. However, this place is somewhere secret, somewhere only these two people know. I don’t know if this is just me, but it makes me believe that this place is more like a figurative thing, like saying home is a person. I am a huge sucker for deep lyrics that has so many potential meanings, and this song fits the criteria exactly. Also, the instrumentals!! Do not even get me started on that- the musical interlude in the beginning is just everything.

8. Everglow -Coldplay

Thank you to my dear old mom for getting me hooked on this song. Like mentioned before, my mother is a huge music fan. There is rarely a moment in our house when music isn’t playing. That being said, I end up jamming out to all my mom’s favourites and you can find my mother singing along to Taylor Swift songs. Everglow followed the same pattern. I still clearly remember the first time I heard it- I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and my mother was flossing her teeth. If love at first sight exists, it definitely happened with this song (although I suppose it would be more like love at first heard? That doesn’t really sound right but you get the idea). Ever since, this has been a staple song for road trips, and my late night study sessions.

9. Better with You -Virginia to Vegas

Ok, this dude’s voice is insane. It’s the perfect blend of smooth and husky, with a touch of youthfulness. That being said, this song’s lyrics and melody is also amazing. It talks about how he has gone through so many different experiences, but how they would have been made even better if a special someone was there. I can personally relate to this because I always find myself wishing that my dad was here with me to have all these new experiences with me. My dad lives in Korea, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I haven’t seen him for almost two years.

10. I Wish It Was Me -Etham

This song gives me major Korean cafe vibes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Korean cafes always play light, melodic, and twinkly songs. It has evolved to be a whole aesthetic on its own. Given that it has been 2 years since I last visited my home country, this song has really helped cure those nostalgia blues.

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