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When I was little, I used to listen to audiobooks ALL the time. It used to be a routine for me where I would always listen to an audiobook an hour before I went to bed. It allowed me to rest my eyes while at the same time listening to a fun story. Also, I think it helped me fall asleep faster. Nowadays, I’ve transitioned my way into podcasts. You can find me listening to them when I get ready in the morning, or the evenings when I’m foam rolling or stretching. I especially like listening to podcasts when I’m alone in the house, as it feels less lonely. Also, some podcasts are such a great mood booster. I mean, some people are just so damn FUNNY. There have been countless times where one of my family members came knocking on my bedroom door asking if I was alright because I was laughing too hard. My point is, podcasts are amazing.

The very first podcast I ever heard was this music-related one run by Spotify Studios. Basically, artists recorded a cover with Spotify Studios and talked a bit about the background information such as what inspired them to cover that song. Since then, I have listened to many different types such as beauty podcasts, political podcasts, and just lifestyle ones as well. Today, though, I will be writing my very honest review about the GET REAL podcast, hosted by Ashley Choi (I talked about how much she inspires me here), pH-1, and Peniel of BTOB.

I initially found out about the GET REAL podcast through another podcast, The Daebak Show with Eric Nam to be specific. There was an episode with Tomorrow X Together on the Daebak Show, so I was listening to it. (For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Tomorrow X Together fan). Anyways, the Daebak Show is under the Dive Studios company, which is an entertainment company that has multiple podcasts (along with other forms of entertainment) under its name. Well, GET REAL is also under Dive Studios, which is how I found out about it. I was really excited when I first stumbled upon it because it was hosted by Ashley and Peniel. I knew of Ashley because I took a lot of fashion inspiration from her, and Peniel because he was in BTOB. (Another FYI, BTOB is awesome). The gist of the podcast is that the hosts “Get real about the ups and downs of young adulthood, but from their perspective”.

I started from the very first episode, and if I remember correctly, the hosts were talking about moving out and living on their own for the first time. Some of you might think that this seems like a really boring topic, but the hosts had very unique experiences that made it so fun to listen to. Also, they are extremely funny, relatable, and grounded people. Even though they are celebrities, you wouldn’t know from the way they talk. The hosts are also all real-life friends, so the on-set chemistry is very good as well. It’s natural and almost feels like you’re just listening to your friends talk. Many of the episodes also have very interesting and relatable topics, and as a young adult myself, I found comfort in that these people have also gone through the same struggles and experiences as me.

Another reason why I love this podcast is that I feel like I have a personal connection to the hosts. They are all Korean-Americans that were raised in America but came to Korea to pursue their music career. As a Korean living in Canada, I can relate on so many different levels with them. They all speak in English but often talk about Korean culture or experiences that I can also relate to. They also seem to belong to and embrace both cultures, which is very inspiring for me. Sometimes it can be a struggle to affirm both aspects of my identity, but these hosts have shown me that it is 100% possible.

The podcast has allowed me to see young adulthood from a new perspective and has also helped me find comfort in that there are people out there who goes through similar struggles as you. The podcast has also brought me lots of laughter and entertainment. Also, the kind, grounded, and supportive personalities of the hosts have encouraged me to become a better person. I never expected this much from the podcast, but it has really impacted my outlook on life. For those of you struggling with young adulthood, alone in your house, looking for entertainment, or even fans of the hosts (like I was), I highly recommend you try this podcast. There is two seasons’ worth of episodes up, and with a variety of different topics. I’m sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is so mind-refreshing, funny, and relatable– I think you’d really enjoy it. And if you do, you can show your support by following them on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify, and leaving a five-star review. You can also connect with them on Discord and Patreon.

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