Popular Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Korea

With spring slowly transitioning into summer in Korea, it is the last chance to see the cherry blossoms before they are gone. With Korea having lifted some travel quarantine restrictions, this time of the year is the perfect time to go visit Korea. The weather is sunny and warm, but not too hot. Also, as school is still in full swing for most places, there aren’t too many tourists around. For those of you who plan to take a trip to Korea, or even for those who just simply want to read about cherry blossoms, I have put together a short list of some of the most popular places to see the cherry blossoms in Korea. While the cherry blossoms can still be seen on the streets of Korea, there are places where they have beautiful arrays of cherry blossom trees, perfect for photos. These places are the ones that have been popping up all over instagram, making many of you jealous (let’s admit it).

Seoul Children’s Grand Park (서울어린이대공원)

Seoul Children’s Grand Park is actually a huge amusement park. However, it is surrounded by lots of nature and greenery, making it one of the most popular places come spring to see the cherry blossoms. It also consists of a zoo, museum, and has a golf course as well. This makes it the perfect destination for families, as it has everything for the whole family to enjoy. The park is also located right at the heart of Seoul, so it is very easily accessible. They also have a whole festival dedicated to the cherry blossoms, which you don’t want to miss out on. While the amusement park, zoo, museum, and golf course requires an entry fee, the cherry blossoms can be enjoyed for free.

Daegu Wolgok Historical Park (대구 월곡역사공원)

This historical park is one of the most popular places to visit in Daegu right now. Daegu is located outside of Seoul, and can be travelled to through a relatively short (1.5 hours) train ride. As the name suggests, Wolgok Historical Park is one of the parks in Korea that captures the beauty of Korea’s heritage. It has many historical structures, and captures the vibe of Korea’s past historical eras. The park is filled with thousands of trees, many of which produce the stunning cherry blossoms that bring people to this park. It also has many other kinds of flowers, which add to the overall beauty of this park. If you are able to fit a trip to Daegu in your Korea travels, I highly recommend you visit this park!

Chodang-dong Gotaek (초당동 고택)

Chodang-dong Gotaek is located in Gangneung, which is about a 2 hour train ride from Seoul. Gotaek translates to “old house” in Korean, which is very fitting for this place. Chodang-dong Gotaek is a field that consists of traditional hanoks (Korean houses), refurbished for tourists and locals to enjoy. It is the perfect place to view some of Korea’s historical sites, as well as to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The blossoms are numerous and widely branched, making some of them hang overtop of the traditional walls around some of the hanoks. This makes for one of the most beautiful sights. It is very picturesque, and not a sight you want to miss.



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