Dr. Jart: Skincare Fairy

Skincare is often overlooked, something treated as boring and basic. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of it. Our skin makes up the foundation of our face, the base layer that stays with us for life. Everyone’s skin type is different, ranging from dry to oily. It is crucial to find products that work for your skin. Wearing skin products not suited for your skin type can cause harm in the long term. Today, I am going to introduce one of my favourite skincare brands: Dr. Jart.

Established in 2004, Dr. Jart is an innovative Korean skincare brand. You might be aware of Korea’s global reputation for having an excellent skincare industry. Korean people recognize the importance of skincare, and good skin is considered the foundation of beauty. As a result, there are countless different skincare brands, products, and dermatologist clinics in Korea. Many of these skincare brands including Dr. Jart have also gained popularity internationally. You will most likely be able to find a selection of Korean skincare brands at your local Sephora.

Dr. Jart was created by entrepreneur Lee Jin-wook, with consultation from dermatologist Dr. Jung Sung-jae. All their products are dermatologist tested and made with the highest quality ingredients. The brand has nine different lines, each differing in its main ingredient or focus of issue. Some of the most popular lines include Cicapair, Ceramidin, and Pore.Remedy. While all of Dr. Jart’s products are loved, it is their face masks that receive the most attention. Dr. Jart’s face masks continue to rank #1 in Korea and have also made their international debut. They are fast becoming a global sensation.

I was shopping in the Garosugil area (a Korean fashion street in Sinsa-dong) last week when I came across a Dr. Jart flagship store. I was very curious and immediately made my way into the store. With it being a flagship store, there were many exhibits where you could participate in little activities that all related to skincare and Dr. Jart. They had a little card for you to collect stamps at each exhibit, and at the end, you could trade your fully stamped card in for a little present. The flagship store also had a whole floor dedicated to their products and sold them at discounted prices. I was beyond excited to learn that all of their face masks were currently on promotion for buy one get one free. To be honest, Dr. Jart’s face masks are on the pricier side, but this promotion inclined me to try them out for the first time. I ended up buying the Cicapair Tiger Grass Calming Serum Mask, the Cyro Rubber Soothing Allatonin Mask, and the Shaking Lover Soothing Shot Mask.

As someone who deals with sensitive, acne-prone skin, all my purchase choices revolved around soothing and rejuvenation. While I was very excited and hopeful to try these masks, there was also a part of me that was nervous. I have tried many different skincare brands and products to help my acne, but many of them weren’t for me. I didn’t want these masks to face the same fate and make my skin worse. However, I experienced amazing results with these masks (I guess there is a reason for the heavy price tag). They made my skin visibly less red, and also flattened out the bumps on my skin. These effects also lasted quite a while, whereas many other face masks’ effects last only a day or two. If you are also dealing with sensitive skin, I highly recommend you check out these products. They are a skin fairy godmother, I tell you.

If you’re planning to go to Korea, you should definitely check out the Dr. Jart flagship store. I believe they are in the Garosugil location for a couple more days, and then moving to a new location within Seoul. If you’re not in Korea, don’t worry. Dr. Jart has an online website, and can also be found in most Sephora stores in the US, UK, and Canada.

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