Korean Artists’ Concerts in Canada

You’ve heard me talk about going to Korean artists’ concerts on this blog. Most of these were at music festivals held in Korea over the summer. However, it is understandable that going to Korea just to see some concerts is simply not an option. Luckily, for those of you who still want to experience Korean concerts without taking a long plane ride, I have compiled a list of Korean artists who are going to Canada. From indie to K-pop, this list has something for everyone.


Shaun is one of my all-time favourite Korean indie artists. You might know him for his hit track, Way Back Home. Shaun is also a DJ, which is cool because he sings and DJs at his concerts. This results in a more club-vibe concert, creating a unique experience. Shaun recently released a new two-part EP and will be going on tour to promote it. He will stop in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal in late April. Go grab your tickets!


Twice is one of the biggest names in K-pop. This girl group has been active for many years and has gained praise for their catchy songs and cutesy aesthetic. Twice has been on world tour for the past year, and as part of their encore stage, they are making their way to Canada. They will be performing at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Due to popular demand, they are actually performing for two nights– July 2nd and July 3rd. Make sure to check this K-pop sensation out! You can get your tickets here.

The Good Days Boys

The Good Days Boys is a rising R&B crew consisting of R&B artists Jimmy Brown and Sweet The Kid, along with rapper Rovv. Although they each started as solo artists, they decided to form a crew after releasing many singles together. They have released two albums together, which total 33 songs. You can catch these talented artists on their first tour together. They are coming to many Canadian cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Tickets can be found here.


Yaeji is a Korean-American singer and DJ. Her sound incorporates a blend of house music and hip-hop, sung in a quiet, mellow voice. She released her first full-length album in 2020, featuring 13 songs. Recently, she has released two new singles, all of which are very unique. This talented artist is heading on her North American tour starting in April. In Canada, she is coming to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. You can get tickets to see her live here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some concerts that are happening in Canada. Let me know if you go to any of them!

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